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E-Com Terms and Conditions

Lab Electronics : E-commerce Terms and Conditions


FREE WORLDWIDE EXPRESS SHIPPING BY UPS (OUR LOGISTIC PARTNER) Shipping rates DO NOT include any international duty charges,Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes at the destination country.


We aim to provide you with a safe and convenient online shopping experience. Your financial information and transactions are always safe on our site. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the approved industry standard.


Notice that this is not a "fine print" warranty. We want you to understand your rights and ours too! All LAB ELECTRONICS kits will work if connected properly and all LAB ELECTRONICS TRAINERS are pre-assembled units , wired and tested at the factory. The very fact that your kit/unit includes a new manual is your assurance that a team of knowledgeable people have field-tested it prior to shipping. If you need help, please read through your manual carefully, all information required to properly build and test your training kit.

It's always easy to blame a part for a problem in your kit, Before you conclude that a part may be bad, thoroughly check your work. Today's semiconductors and passive components have reached incredibly high reliability levels, and it’s sad to say that our human construction skills have not! But on rare occasions a sour component can slip through. If you suspect any part to be defective, please mail it to our factory for testing and replacement. Please send only the defective part(s), not the entire kit. The part(s) MUST be returned to us in suitable condition for testing. Please be aware that testing can usually determine if the part was truly defective or damaged by assembly or usage. Don't be afraid of telling us that you 'blew-it', we're all human and in most cases, replacement parts are very reasonably priced.

LAB ELECTRONICS®, reserves the right to refuse repair on ANY item in which we find excessive problems or damage due to improper customer handling. To assist customers in such situations, LAB ELECTRONICS®, reserves the right to solve their needs on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: For any damage during transit, the buyer may register their claim within 24 hours of receipt with a photograph / video of the item while opening the pack. Insurance claim will be lodged with the freighter for settlement. After claim settlement, buyer will be notified of the refund, if any.