Model: MPT-8086

8086 Microprocessor Trainer Kit

8086 microprocessor trainer 250x250

          The Intel 8086 is a 16-bit microprocessor intended to be used as the CPU in a Microcomputer. This is one step above 8085 (8-bit) microprocessor. The term '16-bit" means that its arithmetic logic unit, internal registers, and most of its instructions are designed to work with 16-bit binary words. The 8086 has a 16-bit data bus, so it can read data from or write data to memory and ports either 16 bits or 8 bits at a time. As its address bus is 20-bit wide, it can address memory upto 1,048,576 locations. Each of the 1 MB locations represents bite-wide. Therefore it is necessary to study by experimentation how an 8086 microprocessor responds for various conditions. Microprocessor trainer Model MPT-86, is an 8086 trainer. Using this trainer, students studying in, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, chemical engineering subjects, B.Sc. (electronics, computers, and physics) laboratory, and polytechnics can learn programming an 8086 Microprocessor. This can be used to some extent for designing prototypes.



  • CPU 8086 with 6. 144MHz crystal working in maximum/minimum mode.
  • Memory: 32K EPROM : 32K RAM
  • Keys: 24 Software programmable keys.
  • Display: 7 numbers of high bright 7 segment displays for Data and address.
  • I/O port: One 8255 programmable peripheral interface port
  • Software: Enter, Alter, Increment! Decrement address, Move, Fill, POS etc.
  • Built-in Power supply
  • Memory: 16 KB Monitor ROM organized as 8KB x 2 ROM 16 KB RAM organized as8KB x 2 RAM
  • 50 pin flat cable termination for 24 parallel port lines using 8255


  • Program Entry
  • Address field is 5 digits wide for the 20-bit address of 8086.
  • Address set and verifies ROM locations, verify / alter the contents of RAM locations Automatic address set to start of RAM at 00400h 
  • Data is set / altered in memory immediately for each hex key entry.
  • Increment/ decrement the address and display / alter the contents.


  • Program could be executed from the current user CS: IP contents.
  • Set a new CS: IP value through GO key. The code segment and instruction pointer values are automatically decoded by the system from the 5 digit
  • address .
  • Single step execution in RAM / ROM.
  • Break set facility. The break set could be cleared only through break clear function, Break clear.
  • Facility for register display / alter the contents in REG mode or in STEP/execution with break


  • Move a block of data.
  • Fill a block of RAM with constant data.


  • 6K Bytes of EPROM with 16K bytes of Battery Backup RAM
  • 72 I/O Lines, Three Channel Timer/Counter, PC Serial Interface using USART, Interrupt Controller
  • Seven Segment Display with 28 Keys Hex Keypad
  • Power-full Command like Single Stepping, Break Point, Full Clock Execution, Examine Memory/ Register
  • 16K bytes of RAM using two nos. of 6264 with Battery Backup expandable up to 256KB)
  • Three 16-bit programmable 8253/8254
  • Two modes of operation
  • Powerful Commands like Examine/Edit Memory, Examine/Edit Register, Single stepping, Execution, Block Move can be used through hex keyboard or PC serial mode
  • 72 I/O lines through 3 nos. of 8255 brought at 26 Pins FRC Connector to interface with IC-XX Series
  • RS-232C interface using 8251 brought out at 9 Pins DType Connector. On-board Interrupt controller using 8259 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector
  • 16 bit Timer/Counter through 8253 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector
  • User's Manual with sample programs
  • All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets
  • User Guide: -HW/SWBattery Operation.


  • 2mm multi coloured moulded patch cords with daisying facility.


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