Model: MPT-8085

8085 Microprocessor Trainer kit



             Microprocessor trainer Model MPT-85 is an 8085 trainer. Using this Trainer, the student can learn programming an 8085 Microprocessor. This can be used for designing prototypes. MPT-85 is Universal type Microprocessor kit with 8085 CPU module. It has got all software facilities like move, fill, insert , delete, input, output, program enter, edit and execute, single step, breakpoint and register functions. It is supplied with power supply unit. 

  • Essentially designed to teach the study of :
  • Instruction set of 8085
  • Familiarize the components used in typical MICROPROCESSOR based instruments.
  • Design Application oriented equipment
  • Design student projects
  • Perform input/output experiments
  • Study the signals generated by the MICROPROCESSOR
  • Learn the art of programming in machine language
  • Design and debugging techniques etc
  • Mounted on an elegant cabinet.


  • Microprocessor: 8085A.
  • Memory: 64KB on board, consisting of 32K EPROM and 32K RAM. No expansion required.
  • Display: 6 nos. of High bright 7 segment displays.
  • Keys: 24 feather touch re-programmable keys. Store and edit your program, Examine / alter any memory location Increment / Decrement an address and view the contents Move a block of memory from one place to other, (this will not change address of conditional or unconditional branch address in the moved block) Input/output: 24 TTL I/O lines only, terminated on 50 pin FRC. Built-in Power supply


  • Devices : - 8085(Intel) | Clock : 6.144MHz crystal
  • 32KB-SRAM for user Data
  • 16KB-EPROM for Monitor Program
  • 2x16 CHAR LCD display
  • 48 Programmable I/O Pins for ( 2 x 8255)
  • Three 16-bit programmable timer (8253/8254)
  • 40-Pin FRC connector for Bus Extension
  • 20-Pin FRC connector Add-on Interface from 8255
  • 9-pin DB connector for UART (RS232) interface
  • Built-in assembler and dis-assembler
  • 101-PC Type keyboard to enter user address/data commands
  • Software Monitor for loading and executing programs with break point facility
  • User Guide: -HW/SWBattery Operation.


  • 2mm multi coloured moulded patch cords with daisying facility.


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