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Model:G - VTOL



  • Garuda-VTOL is an efficient, electric powered, unmanned aerial intelligence gathering system for use in Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Target tracking & acquisition, Battle Damage Assessment, Search & Rescue, Port & Coastal Patrol, Digital Mapping, Remote sensing,law- enforcement etc. It can be flown by anyone with minimal training due to its simple point-and-click navigation and camera control systems.Garuda-VTOL is aerodynamically well-designed to maximize its performance and maintain good stability while in the air.It has been specifically designed to operate in crowded urban areas.One of its highlights is that it can take-off vertically,hover at a fixed coordinate in the sky for observation and then land vertically thereby providing unprecedented versatility. Garuda-VTOL is a high performance system with a range of specialized payloads and industry applications, at an attractive price point for military,law-enforcement and commercial/industrial customers.


Multi Rotor Type : Quad-Rotor

Vertical Height : 500 Metres

Horizontal Range : 3 - 5 Km

System Weight (Including Payload) : around 5 kg (depending on customer requirement)

Payload : Day / Night(thermal) Camera with zoom

Endurance : upto 50 min.

Key features : Fully Autonomous Waypoint Navigation,Position Hold/Hover,Loiter,Can operate from crowded urban spaces,battery failsafe.

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